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TimeOclock 2008
A Smart Clock and Appointment software that will remind you, in human voice, of your daily tasks, meetings, appointments as well as any important timing that you may wish to be reminded of on any day. It is an alive desktop clock. Download the free zip file unzip it and find your way across the forest of time and up the mountain of success right to the very top.

Who can benefit from this software?
Any person who has a busy day to-do tasks, such as managers, dentists, hospital staff, teachers, and even individuals who wish to be reminded of specific timings such as medicines. Today, with a fast rhythm of life we all need to be reminded of something otherwise we miss it. This desktop reminder software invites you to relax and concentrate on the tasks themselves not on their timing. Begin to get well organized.

How it works?
The Software user interface allows you to specify the wording you want it to say upon nearing a specific time on a specific date. That is you tell it what to say and when to say it loudly for you. Your speakers must be turned on of course.

System Requirements
This software is written in java and requires Java Runtime environment which can be downloaded free from sun java web site. It will work on most operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Solaris. Download the zip file unzip it to any folder and click the installation file. Follow the wizard instructions


License and Distribution
This software was developed by the author of construction software , and Scheduling Software web sites. This program is free to use and distribute as is. However no modifications, alteration or changes are permitted. You may also try our Time Tracking Application